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SüPR•2G Reactors Improve the Process

AdvanceBio Systems offers the biofuel and renewable chemical industries specialized reactor systems for pretreating biomass. SüPR•2G reactors can be applied to a number of different process technologies to cost effectively produce lignocellulose derived sugars, liquid biofuels and bio-based chemicals by employing acidic, alkaline or organic pretreatment. Read more >>


AdvanceBio Systems News

August 14, 2012
CTBE (Brazil) selects AdvanceBio Systems’ SüPR•2G Equipment for Biomass Pretreatment Research. Laboratory scale pretreatment reactor will be used in R&D related to the production of fermentable sugars, biofuels and chemicals from lignocellulose rich biomass feedstocks. More >>

July 9, 2012
CENER (Spain) acquires SüPR•2G reactor for biomass pretreatment research. AdvanceBio Systems collaborates with CENER’s R&D effort in pretreatment and other interrelated technologies in the production of renewable energy.
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August 2, 2010
U.S. Department of Energy awards contract. AdvanceBio Systems will provide a biomass pretreatment reactor system for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory located in Golden, Colorado. More >>