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AdvanceBio Systems LLC, associated with AdvanceBio LLC, formed in 2009 to supply cost effective biomass pretreatment solutions for next generation cellulosic ethanol and renewable chemical industries. Recognizing the importance of effective pretreatment, AdvanceBio Systems developed a series of innovative, custom-designed continuous reactors to produce sugar by adapting similar equipment used in commercial applications for over 40 years.

The initial focus of the development effort was to produce a series of small-scale continuous pretreatment reactors destined for use as research and development tools. The strategic approach reduced the risk of technology scale-up by implementing a scale-down design philosophy. This effort was coupled with extensive work directed to reduce the capital cost of the mechanical systems. This allows research learning to be directly scaled up to the commercial reactors that we offer.

SuPR•2G Systems

In February 2010, AdvanceBio Systems introduced the line of SüPR•2G reactor systems designed to improve the biomass pretreatment process.

The SüPR•2G reactors can be customized to work with a variety of technologies. Learn more >>

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AdvanceBio LLC provides consulting services and technologies, supporting companies developing new projects in the biofuels and biochemical sectors. Leveraging our extensive operations, design experience and technical creativity, we assist companies that are pioneering new processes and industries, replacing petro-based fuels and chemicals with bio-based alternatives.

Consulting services include plant operations debottlenecking and optimization, capacity expansions, technology development, and process design and project management. We provide value-added utilization of renewable resources through the development and commercialization of new and innovative technologies, including starch-, sugar- and lignocellulosic-based bioethanol.

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