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AdvanceBio Systems’ Research and Commercial Reactor Options

Skid-Mounted Systems
For all but the largest commercial SüPR•2G systems, equipment can be supplied and installed in prefabricated, structural steel skids, minimizing on-site construction time.

Catalyst Feed Package (CFP)
AdvanceBio Systems’ CFP provides accurate control of catalyst feed rate and concentration without the need for operator and maintenance-intensive mix tanks, improving both plant safety and process efficiency.

Control System
Field-mounted local and transmitted instrumentation, including all flow, level, temperature and pressure devices, electrical drives and associated Variable Frequency Drives (where employed) are supplied with a fully configured, locally mounted Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) including touch screen operator interface and associated I/O. The wireless, touch screen iOS-based HMI allows the operator to monitor and control the process remotely.

Discharge Packages
AdvanceBio Systems offers two solutions for continuously discharging pretreated biomass from the reactor, depending upon the project needs.

  • Pneumatic Discharge — Pretreated biomass is conveyed from the reactor under pressure by process vapors.
  • Slurry Discharge — Removes pretreated biomass from the reactor as a liquefied slurry at temperatures below the operating conditions of the reactor.

Emissions Control System
Reactor process vapors and fugitive emissions are collected and scrubbed by the recirculating fluid. The system controls the release of particulate and volatile materials and provides the ability to neutralize and collect the condensate for qualitative and mass balance closure calculations.

Package Systems
Process equipment can be skid mounted with the advanced CFP and control systems, providing a complete biomass pretreatment reactor package.

Additional Services
AdvanceBio LLC offers design services for integrating SüPR•2G reactors with upstream and downstream unit operations.

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